10 things

10 things you WILL get from a photography session with Kate Veronica Photography and 1 thing you won’t.

silhouette of family on a beach at sunset bribie island

1. An awesome family silhouette (if you want it).  They aren’t always going to be as spectacular as this.  The sky just happened to open up into these beautiful colours and we were on the beach in the right place at the right time.  Here are some other examples…

examples of silhouette photographs family and maternity photography

2. Professionally printed product… because even if you only purchase the digital files, I will always include a professional print as a little gift.  Shhhh, don’t tell!

professionally printed photographs album and matted printsprofessionally printed photographs album lumi tile and framed prints

3. Honesty… see above where I didn’t sugar coat the silhouette shot.  I like to tell it how it is.  I’m also honest with you about pricing.  I’ll chat to you about prices and send you a pricing guide before you book so that you can make an informed decision about how much you can or can’t afford.  I’m honest with you about the reality of photographing young children and what we can expect.  I’m honest with you about time-frames and I stick to them.

4. Choice.  You can choose what you want to purchase and there is no minimum spend.  “I only want to buy one print that I can frame.” – no worries.  “I want to purchase just the digital files.” – you got it.  “I want to put together a package of products to suit my needs and I would like the digital files as well.” – wonderful!  In fact you can have the digital files for free once you reach a certain price point.  “I love albums, so can you please create a beautiful story of our family photos and print it in an archival grade album that I will be able to hand down to my children?” – abso-frickin-lutely!

5. REAL photos of your REAL family.  Beautiful, natural, candid and so “you”!

real candid photos of real families lifestyle portraits brisbanereal candid photos of real families lifestyle portraits brisbane

6. A beautiful “looking at the camera” photo.  I believe that no matter how much we think we only want the candid shots, we also like to see our family in at least one photo that is a bit more traditional.

family photos looking at the camera brisbanefamily photos looking at the camera brisbane

7. You WILL find out that having family/newborn/maternity photos with me is so much easier than you ever thought photos could be.  Sooooo often at the end of my sessions I hear the parents tell me “that was so much easier than I thought it would be!” OR “thank-you, you made us feel so relaxed.  I thought it was going to be awkward and a nightmare with the kids.”

kate veronica photogra[hy review testimonial

kate veronica photography review testimonial

8. You WILL fall in love with your children and your partner all over again!

falling in love with your family throgh photographs

9. Stellar customer service!  Here’s a little ditty for you.  Many moons ago I worked at Lonestar Steakhouse as a waitress.  Remember that place where the wait-staff line-danced and you could throw peanut shells on the floor?  Yeah, that place.  Well, apart from the unbelievably fun line-dancing and how to yahoo like a cowboy going out to muster, I learned the importance of stellar customer service.  You see, that was one of their core values and it was drilled into us.  You had to have systems in place that helped everything to run smoothly.  The customer is your number one priority.  This isn’t (or shouldn’t be) any different for any other business but somehow, so many services get it so wrong these days…. And it really pisses me off!  That’s why I pride myself in exceeding your customer service standards.

10. Something a bit different from your photos…

photographing real people in different waysphotographing real people in different waysphotographing real people in different ways

So that’s 10 things you WILL get.  Here’s the one thing you won’t get…. Regret.  You won’t regret celebrating your family and investing the time and money to create something beautiful together.  You won’t regret being able to pass on these memories to your children and to their children in years to come.  You won’t regret being present in the moment and in the photographs, being present for yourself and for your family.  You won’t regret being able to see your family through my lens for the beautiful, flawed, imperfect but oh-so-perfect humans that you are.


So what are you waiting for?  Click here to chat with me about your next photo session.