I believe so much in this thing we call “making memories”, holding onto a moment in time, photography.  I choose to embrace it in my own life as well as create it for my clients.  We have our own family portraits taken at least yearly.  I ask myself “what do I feel when I see my own family photos?”… I’m happy!  My heart leaps a little bit at the thought of being able to remember a small piece of time forever.  And then I ask myself again, WHY is that important?  Because otherwise these small moments will just become a faded memory.  Because they are only young for a moment in time.  Because it might only be another 1-2 years that they will still hold my hand and look at me like I am the most important thing in their universe.  Because… I want to remember!

I want my story told, and I want to tell your story.  What is your story???

I photograph all throughout Brisbane and surrounds.  I am also available for interstate travel at certain times.  Shoot me message with your location and I’ll let you know when I am shooting there next.