She’s got eyes of the bluest skies – 9 month old baby photography Brisbane

Well what can we say about little 9 month old Ella.  She is just too cute for words and those eyes are to die for.  I came away from this session glowing; I think it must have been the early morning sunshine rubbing off on me as well as the gorgeousness of this family.  We scheduled the session for 6:30am, a good time of the day for Ella and a beautiful time for the light to filter through the leaves ever so softly.

Ella’s mum Rachel is somewhat of a blogging machine and you can find her inspiring and often powerful words over at The Red Tent.

Here are some of her most recent beautiful words to Ella on her naming day:

“May you build a ladder to the stars, but remember to take in the view at each rung.

May you persevere.   In the face of overwhelming difficulties, may your feet tread steadily and your heart remain fierce.

May you find your calling in life, and may it sustain you like air.

May you know you will always have a home inside our hearts, no matter how far you might wander.

May you achieve success, whatever that might mean for you; wealth, or children of your own, or simply kindness towards all those you meet.

Despite the darkest of nights, may you remember that the sun will always come up.

May you know you are loved.

Completely.  Unconditionally.  Forevermore.”