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I am going to attempt the 365 challenge in 2015.  Starting NYE 2014, 1 photo per day for the whole year and I’ll finish in time for NYE next year.  I may not upload every day but I will aim to take a photo every single day and upload at the end of the week.  They may not all be awesome, and lots may be only taken with my phone but I will try to do this!  Please feel free to leave comments of encouragement at the bottom of this page to help me on my 365 journey.

Here we go…

31/12/14 – My lone boy sits waiting to walk home from NYE dinner. 20141231-365challenge

01/01/15 – Reading about dinosaurs before bed. 20150101-365challenge

02/01/15 – Brushing. 20150102-365challenge

03/01/15 – We had a special day out today to see Giggle and Hoot at The Playhouse – QPAC.  Hayden is going through a dressing up phase and I like to encourage it.  It’s fun, it encourages the imagination and you can get away with it as a 3 year old!.  More than one shot today because we had so much fun! superhero at QPAC Brisbanesuperhero at QPAC Brisbanesuperhero at QPAC Brisbanesuperhero upside down at QPAC Brisbane

04/01/15 – Macro.  Green.  In other words, a slow news day. macro photography green - kate veronica photography 365_0001

05/01/15 – In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight.

6 days in and I’m finding this may be an interesting personal experiment.  I thought I would be sick of having to get out my “big camera” every day and find something to take a photo of but I’m really enjoying it.  6 days in ONLY though!  I give myself another 45 days until I am sick of it.  I’ll keep a little diary of these thoughts as I go along because I think it will be interesting to see where this goes. Puppy lying on a bed.

06/01/15 – Coffee shop date with this cheeky monster.  coffee shop date brisbane

07/01/15 – Playing “sink the sea monsters” in Mum and Dad’s bathroom sink. 20150107-365challenge

08/01/15 – Guess where we are going in T minus 5 days? 20150108-365challenge

09/01/15 – The domestic “helper”.  Also very overgrown grass and an untidy back-yard from all the rain. 20150109-365challenge

10/01/15 – Afternoon swim. brisbane stormy afternoon swim summer

11/01/15 – Fell asleep on the lounge.  Always comforted by his beloved “BB” (the artist formerly known as Flaps). 20150111-365challenge

12/01/15 – Only on the first leg of the journey and he is already tired. (phone pic)


13/01/15 – We had a slight hiccup on our journey to Japan this morning. At 7am we got a text message from our airline saying “Your flight to Japan has been cancelled. Have a nice day.” Then proceeded 3 hours of phone calls to airlines, busses, hotels and insurance companies to get us back on track. We are now 24 hours behind and will miss a day skiing but we are back onto a flight tomorrow. (phone pic)


14/01/15 – Finally made it onto the flight to Japan. (phone pic)


15/01/15 – Hayden’s first glimpse of the snow was from the plane window. (phone pic)


16/01/15 – First day on the slopes. (phone pic)


17/01/15 – The little due isn’t liking the snow actually falling on him but he’s loving the hot chocolates and playing in the snow when it is a clear day. (phone pic)


18/01/15 – The view from where I stand. (phone pic)


19/01/15 – Night skiing. Abstract. (phone pic)


20/01/15 – Gyozagasm.  Nothing better than gyoza and beer!  (phone pic)20150120-365challenge

21/01/15 – Snow and cute little buildings for miles today as we left Niseko via train.  (phone pic)20150121-365challenge

22/01/15 – Snow day at Fuji-Q Highlands park so all the rides were closed, we bowled instead! (phone pic)220115

23/01/15 – The view from our bedroom window this morning. (phone pic)230115

24/01/15 – We are having our first night in Kyoto and enjoyed some gyoza for dinner. I can already tell that I am going to love Kyoto. (phone pic)240115

25/01/15 – Planning our first day out in Kyoto.  Where to today? (phone pic)250115

26/01/15 – I’m addicted to these Japanese bikkies. (phone pic)260115

27/01/15 – We experienced a traditional Japanese tea ceremony today.  The movements that she made and they way she did everything so purposefully was amazing to watch. (back of camera shot) (phone pic)270115

28/01/15 – A hard days sightseeing at Arashiyama had this one sleeping in the pram while we enjoyed lunch and a quiet beer (or 3). (phone pic)280115

29/01/15 – Somewhere in Gion. (phone pic)290115

30/01/15 – I’m pretty impressed that we were able to board the Nagoya sky boat with Hayden who is usually afraid of heights. It was actually me hyperventilating near the top! (phone pic)Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

31/01/15 – This is the mess of train stations we have to figure out when catching the subway in Nagoya. (phone pic)310115

01/02/15 – Tokyo afternoon.  Hotel Metropolitan view. (phone pic)010215

02/02/15 – Following an awesome family photo shoot (our family had photos taken) in Tokyo, we had dinner at the famous Harajuku Gyoza.  Nom nom!!! (phone pic)020215

03/02/15 – Shibuya starbucks. (phone pic)030215

04/02/15 – It’s the middle of winter here in Japan on our last day in the country. The cherry blossoms are not supposed to be blooming for a while yet but we stumbled across literally 7 trees in a park that had these blossoms. We aren’t actually sure if they are cherry blossoms they might be plum blossoms? (phone pic)040215

05/02/15 – Hayden slept like a star on the flight home.  Literally. (phone pic)050215

06/02/15 – The sunrise over Brisbane, from 30 000 feet, was spectacular! brisbane sunrise from the sky jetstar dreamliner

07/02/15 – Back home in sunny, hot Brisbane we enjoy a Zooper Dooper in the afternoon. (phone pic)070215

08/02/15 – Our neighbour’s kids came over for a play this afternoon.  Dressing-up is always a hit! (phone pic) 080215

09/02/15 – While this photo wasn’t taken today, you will have to forgive me for adding a prior taken pic.  I haven’t finished backing up my CF cards and recharging the camera batteries.  I know, excuses, excuses, excuses.  I’ll be better tomorrow! Hayden in the snow.20150209-365challenge

10/02/15 – Brisbane gateway bridge. brisbane gateway bridge

11/02/15 – A gorgeous pregnancy and newborn album is photographed before being sent out to my lovely client. 20150211-365challenge

12/02/15 – Baking.  Banana bread. picture of a child mixing banana bread in a bowl

13/02/15 – Library time.  I’m hiding from you mummy. 20150213-365challenge

14/02/15 – At the newly opened Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.  Unfortunately I wasn’t there for a happy valentines day visit.  I was doing a special photo shoot for Heartfelt, whom I volunteer for.  Please head to the website to read more about the amazing work that Heartfelt does.  It is truly an honour to be invited into people’s lives when they are at their most vulnerable and grieving.  If you donate to charities a couple of times a year, I would love it if you might consider donating to Heartfelt.  Or maybe if you are a photography enthusiast you could organise a photo walk with your friends and each person donates a gold coin.

Check out the camera project… “gifting a quality compact camera, small printer and an in-service presentation/workshop from a Heartfelt member about how to take better photos for families.”  Read more here:

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital brisbane

16/02/15 – Hayden struggling to get the hang of the water fountain drink. 20150216-365challenge

17/02/15 – Darth Vader watched TV. 20150217-365challenge

18/02/15 – Nice smelling Aroamas have arrived as gift to my clients this year!  Nom nom. 20150218-365challenge

19/02/15 – A package ready to be delivered to a special client. 20150219-365challenge

21/02/15 – Yeah, yeah I have missed a couple of days here and there.  I found it difficult to get back into things after the Japan holiday but I think I am back on track now!  Today I met baby Danilo for his newborn shoot.  So gorgeous! 20150221-365challenge

22/02/15 – Baby Joseph is baptised. 20150222-365challenge

23/02/15 – I have been nominated on Facebook for the 5 day black and white challenge so here is the first… 20150223-365challenge

24/02/15 – iPad playing. 20150224-365challenge

25/02/15 – Sword fights. 365 challenge sword fights black and white challenge

26/02/15 – My little kitchen helper.  We were blowing eggs today for a photography project I am working on. 20150226-365challenge-2

27/02/15 – Teaching him how to take photos with the instamax. 20150226-365challenge

28/02/15 – Coins and modelling clay. coins and modelling clay

01/03/15 – iPad learning before bed? 20150301-365challenge

02/03/15 – Cousins. 20150302-365challenge

03/03/15 – He said he was being the Yetti. 20150303-365challenge

04/03/15 – “Practising” his guitar. 20150303-365challenge-2

05/03/15 – Lizard in bathroom. 20150305-365challenge

06/03/15 – Test shots for a concept shoot tomorrow. blue bird cage with shadows

07/03/15 – Behind the scenes on a concept shoot with my twin nieces. concept shoot behind the scenes hair being braided

08/03/15 – The Brisbane Wheel. 20150308-365challenge-3

09/03/15 – Prints all packaged up and headed out to a client. 20150308-365challenge

10/03/15 – Hanging in my home.  Little quotes to live by.  This is one of my favourites. dr seuss quote today is your day wall hanging print framed

11/03/15 – Throwing a tanty in the front yard. 20150311-365challenge

12/03/15 – Hello beautiful happy boy again.  Dressed in one of his favourites dinosaur costumes. 20150312-365challenge

13/03/15 – Reading to himself. boy reading a book black and white

14/03/15 – It is often difficult to get clothes onto him. 20150314-365challenge

15/03/15 – Afternoon at Bunya Riverside followed by fish and chip dinner.  Perfect Sunday. (phone pic)photo (2)

16/03/15 – Gorgeous canvas and print order for a client. canvas and print products

17/03/15 – Laughing. (phone pic)h 1

18/03/15 – Bedtime books every night. 20150318-365challenge

19/03/15 – Fell asleep just before dinner. 20150319-365challenge

20/03/15 – Picking up prints with me from Foto Frenzy.  Quick snap behind the building. (phone pic)Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

21/03/15 – As I finished a day of 7 hours shooting, these clouds felt appropriate to my feelings.  It had rained hard, it was miserable and it looked sad.  I had just finished up shooting 2 difficult sessions for Heartfelt… 2 little angels taken from their parent’s way too soon. moody post storm clouds in the sky with 5 birds flying

22/03/15 – Following the sadness of the day before, I was told by other experienced Heartfelt-er’s that I should take myself out of everyday life for a morning off and do something special.  I really didn’t feel like it to be honest.  I would have liked to stay in bed and feel sorry for the world.  My throat had a lump in it that would not go away.  I decided we should go out to the nearest “beach” and just have a walk.  Shorncliffe is nice and close by, it is not a surf beach and it has a lovely serenity about it.  We walked, I still felt crappy but it did make things a bit better. (phone pic)paddle-boarder at scarborough beach brisbane with stormy clouds

23/03/15 – Cuddles from Neo. (phone pic)

24/03/15 – Old skool arcade games at our local coffee shop FTW! (phone pic)old school arcade video games in a coffee shop

25/03/15 – I think I am going through a cloud phase.  The afternoon light from my back steps was pretty. (phone pic)afternoon clouds sunset orange blue brisbane

26/03/15 – Fresh juice this morning.  Hayden saw it happening on play school and wanted it done.  Hey, if it gets a carrot into him then I’m all aboard! (phone pic)fresh fruit and vegetable picture oranges carrot pineapple blood orange

27/03/15 – Baby’s breath.  Is there anything sweeter?  I love the simplicity of these flowers.  Random fact you didn’t know about me:  I had baby’s breath as my wedding flowers.  (phone pic)close up of baby's breath flowers white

28/03/15 – 10 month old baby Erin in studio this morning.  Absolute cuteness! erin 1

29/03/15 – This weekend I entered 4 photographs into the Queensland Professional Photography Awards and came away with 2 silver awards.  So stoked!  My first awards at QPPA.  Here I am with my two photographs above my head and right next to me. (phone pic)QPPA silver awards board

30/03/15 – My two silver award images.pregnancy maternity photograph of woman floating in water fine art kate veronica photographylifestyle newborn photography silver award QPPA 2015 baby on bed black and white kate veronica photography

31/03/15 – Still celebrating my win!  Kisses with the little one. (phone pic)photo

01/04/15 – Crazy eyes. (phone pic)

02/04/15 – Went to see Walking With Dinosaurs with my nieces and nephew. (phone pic)photo (11)

03/04/15 – Geo-caching in the rain…  aka treasure hunting. (phone pic)

04/04/15 – Nudist. (phone pic)photo

05/04/15 – Easter! 20150405-365challenge-2

06/04/15 – An afternoon at Cedar Creek. cedar creek samford

07/04/15 – Neo. cavoodle cavalier king Charles spaniel cross poodle

08/04/15 – Eyelashes.20150408-365challenge-2

09/04/15 – Today we visited my friend’s new puppy.  12 week old Sia.  She is a Whippet.Close up photograph of a whippet

10/04/15 – My little Dr on our way to the Dr’s. hh

11/04/15 – The aftermath of lego Star Wars play. Lego Star Wars

12/04/15 – Today was the first organised photo walk we went on.  Read more about it here. brisbane photography meet photo walk with kate veronica photography_0002

13/04/15 – Yesterday I also photographed the cutest little darling you ever did see.  This is Joseph.  I love him. baby eyes blue green 6 months old bright eyes

14/04/15 – I was feeling a bit bored with taking photos in my home and then I cam across this article: 5 genius ways to re-discover your house with your camera.  So then I opened the front door and lay my dog in front of it.  Problem solved. black and white photo of dog lying in doorway

15/04/15 – My Tiffany “H” pendant.  Love! Tiffany H letter pendant necklace

16/04/15 – Bath-time. 20150416-365challenge-3

17/04/15 – A local coffee shop that doesn’t have a price list.  You pay what you want!  I can’t believe I have never been here before. inside the meeting place cafe coffee shop based on donations

18/04/15 – Minute to win it birthday party. b

19/04/15 – Neo loved having a special treat – doggy milk. c

20/04/15 – Hayden decided to take his pillow, teddies and blanket down off his bed and sleep on the floor. 20150420-365challenge20150420-365challenge-2

21/04/15 – I like to call this game, “while mummy was sleeping, oh yeah, oh yeah!”.  Toys all over the place. g

22/04/15 – Chillaxing in front of ABC iView. d

23/04/15 – Three gorgeous framed prints that went out to a client today!  I am in love with white frames these days. framed baby photos brisbane photographer

24/04/15 – I went to work in the afternoon and liked the light from the side mirror.


25/04/15 – First shot was a test shot of light painting.  Second shot is the shot I really wanted to get for my client.  They were both created in camera, I didn’t add in the lights in photoshop at all.  Here is what I wrote on Facebook about this image (the pregnancy one):

” Being a photographer or any creative has its ups and downs. I happen to be an extremely emotional person and a lot of that emotion goes into my art as well. I can have my confidence shot at the slightest thing (depending on what time of the month it is, hahaha. ‪#‎jokingnotjoking‬) or I can be on a creative manic high with a million ideas buzzing through my head. Although, being a professional photographer is as much about my clients as it is about my own selfishness. Let me explain. We do this as a job because we love it. We wouldn’t put ourselves through the pain and a lot of heartache running a business, unless we absolutely lived and breathed the creative process behind it all (the selfish side is the love for creativity). The creative process is like crack cocaine to us, but at the same time we are compelled to tell a story about our clients. To tell their story. To make it special for them. To create a photography experience unlike any other they have had before. To be unique, because they are our focus. They 100% come first in our business because where would we be without clients who believed in us? We believe in their story, we believe in their love, we believe in their honesty, we believe in sharing their story through pictures. And so we create.

Sometimes before a session I will have an idea that I want to explore with the client. It might be a little out there and it might not actually work photographically but I like to give it a go (the crack). It is always up to the client whether or not they are comfortable with an idea. You will remember the pregnant mamma I made go for a swim in the creek… yeah I didn’t force her there, she was smiling. Tehehehe!

So I run these crazy ideas by my clients and if they go for it then great, yippee for me, I get my crack and they (hopefully) get a super awesome photo that tells a part of their story, or at least is a representation of the way I artistically see their story. If they aren’t into it, that’s absolutely cool too. I still create my ass off at each and every single session and I try to bring your families’ story to life through your photos.

What’s the point of all of this? I just wanted to share with you the thought process behind an image like this one. It means so much to me and to my clients. It tells a story and there is a lot of love put into making this picture. In this photograph I want to show you the courage that Belinda and Kieran have had to summon over the past few years. I want to honour the angels that wait for them in heaven. I want to honour the rainbow baby that awaits arrival into this world to meet his amazing parents. I want to honour the babies and children I have met through Heartfelt. I want to show you my insides, my passion, my honesty… my story as well as yours.

“A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage or still birth. In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.”

What is your story? I want to tell it. Kate.

light painting long exposure photography portraitlight painting long exposure photography pregnancy maternity portrait Brisbane

26/04/15 – My twin nieces Lexi and Charlie had their 6th birthday party themed black and white after 101 Dalmatians. ih

27/04/15 – Doing a little test with off camera flash.  Hayden is always my un-willing model. 20150427-365challenge

28/04/15 – Finally got around to installing my beloved cage light above the dining table.  Quick abstract pic on the way to work.

abstract photograph of a turquoise blue cage light with an orange eddison bulb

29/04/15 – Hayden not wanting to go to bed.


And our before and after hallway reno.  Geez, that was a long time in the making. hallway before and after with downlights blue grey walls wooden floors

30/04/15 – Portrait of a dog. portrait of a dog cavoodle

01/05/15 – Family movie night. 20150501-365challenge

02/05/15 – Today I did two Heartfelt sessions.  I can’t share the photos so I will leave this day blank.

03/05/15 – Ear in bath. 20150503-365challenge

04/05/15 – Morning light on print. 20150505-365challenge

05/05/15 – Morning light on dog.morning light on dog

22/05/15 – He thinks he is Santa today. 20150522-365challenge

24/05/24 – Coffee shop Sunday. 20150524-365challenge-220150524-365challenge

08/06/15 – Cool kids at the park. 20150608-365challenge

11/06/15 – My serious boy. 20150611-365challenge

16/06/15 – Butterfly art. 20150616-365challenge

20/06/15 – Newborn session with baby Jayden – 2 weeks old.2 week old baby on bed with mother lifestyle newborn photos

21/06/15 – Down by the riverside. 20150621-365challenge

25/06/15 – In the “spooky spooky” forest.  OK so this has gone from photo a day to more like photo a week!  I have gone through a rough couple of months and really haven’t felt like picking up my camera every day.20150625-365challenge