Outdoor Family Photos Dayboro

I have known Karen, Damon and Co. for quite a while now.  They make adorable kids.  First we have Jaylen, the eldest, tall and red headed with good manners and loves to throw rocks into creeks (like all good boys).  Then come the twins Tahlia and Micah.  It’s a pity I hadn’t thought of my “toothless project” earlier last year, because Micah would have been a perfect model for it at the time.  What a cute, cheeky, toothless grin he had!  Tahlia (gorgeous long strawberry blonde hair) is softly spoken but loves to run around with the boys.

Brothers love to wrestle so we couldn’t resist taking a photo of Tahlia acting all innocent while the boys fought it out in the background!  Hehehe.

Enjoy. xxoo

Outdoor Family Photos Dayboro_0001