Manly, Brisbane waterfront maternity photos – 37 weeks pregnant

I know Megan from work (my “other” job as a Haematology Scientist) and we have worked together for about 6 years now.  Megan is a helpful, kind-hearted, easy going person and her partner Grant is much the same.  I was so excited when Megan announced at work that she was expecting and that she wanted me to do her pregnancy and newborn photos!  I think “squealing” is the right word for my reaction.  Don’t you just love it when someone you know announces they are pregnant or getting married?  It really puts an excitement in the air, I get a little giddy.

Grant and Megz were so much fun at their Manly waterfront maternity shoot, with Grant pulling some pretty good faces behind the scenes (think blue steel) and constantly making jokes to keep us on our toes.

I’m looking forward to meeting their little cherub Alice very soon for her at home newborn session.

Xxoo, Kate.

 brisbane maternity photos 2

manly brisbane pregnancy photos 1-3

manly brisbane pregnancy photos 1-2

 brisbane maternity photos 1

manly brisbane pregnancy photos 1

manly brisbane pregnancy photos 1-4

brisbane waterfront pregnancy session 4

manly brisbane waterfront pregnancy session 2

 brisbane waterfront pregnancy session 1

manly brisbane waterfront pregnancy session 3

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