What’s holding you back?

I just wanted to address some common issues that hold people back from booking their portrait session.  There’s no need to be anxious or worried about having family/pregnancy/baby portraits and here’s why.

1.  Obstacle: “I have to wait ‘til I lose weight.”

Overcome: Camera angles and posing techniques are a girl’s best friend! The thought of needing to lose weight is probably always going to be in the back of your mind. It’s one of the biggest reasons why women put off getting family portraits. Do you want to let that stand in the way of existing in photos with your children? In 20 years’ time what do you think your kids will think of your photos?

photo of rabbit on a chair

2.  Obstacle: “I don’t have enough money right now.”

Overcome: I have payment plans and credit card purchases available if that is something you would like to take advantage of.  Also it is really helpful to have a think about exactly how you want to use your images so that you can stick to your budget.  Do you really need the high resolution digital files or would you love a beautiful album and a few desk prints?  Maybe you would like to show off your favourite images in a beautiful wall gallery for your living room?  When you picture how you are going to use your images this can give you a clearer view of exactly what you would like to order at the end.

various maternity photos in a collage

3.  Obstacle: “I know I want to call you to talk about a session but I don’t know what questions to ask.”

Overcome:  Don’t worry, I will ask you questions and we can figure it out from there. I like to get to know who you and your family are and what I can do for you. We will talk about locations that might be special to you and how you would like your photos to look. We can chat about what time of day is best for your kids and any specific photos or gorgeous products you are after.

baby photos with dad and in their cot

4.  Obstacle: I don’t know what products I want for my photos so I usually just get the digital files.  Problem is they never end up being printed.  I really want to show off my gorgeous images but I don’t know how.

Overcome: That’s exactly what I am here to help you with. We will meet up at your place (or coffee shop if you prefer) about a week or two after your shoot and I will run through your gallery of images with you. I will help you to pick out your favourite images and we will work with those to create the perfect product package for your specific needs. I’ll bring samples of my products for you to see and hold. I’ll show you different arrangements of your images that you might like to use in a wall gallery. That’s so much easier than trying to figure out what to do with those photos on your own!

canvas albums accordion minis foam core mounts products

5.  Obstacle: I don’t know what to wear/I’ve got nothing to wear!

Overcome: I can help! Sometimes clients like to text through some photos of what they are considering wearing and I can lead you in the right direction from there. Why don’t you start with one outfit for mum, add a necklace or cute head scarf, some bangles and cute shoes… then find outfits for the rest of the family picking colours from the same palette. Add a bit of texture or interest with shoes, vests or cardigans.

Also, Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration for a style for your session.

what to wear to your portrait session brisbane family photos

6.  Obstacle: My husband isn’t into it.

Overcome: Let’s face it… men hate having family photos taken.  They aren’t (usually) the ones to wake up and say “Hey honey I think we should get some fresh family portraits.  Lest organise that for this weekend!”  But never fear it is so EASY to be in front of my camera.  We’ll have a chat, a bit of a play, some tickles (your family, not me), laugh a bit, you’ll walk hand in hand, I will pose you a little bit so as to make everyone look awesome.  Then before you know it the session is over and you are saying “Wow that was a lot less painful than I thought it would be.”

Look at these happy dads/husbands….  Love it!  You can’t fake that.  I would love to talk to the happy dad in your family on the phone.  We can figure out what is important to him for this photo shoot.  Sometimes there is something that the dad’s would really love, that may never be mentioned otherwise.  I want to hear all about it!  Get him to give me a call on 0412 892 480 and we will chat.

 photos of dads and husbands

7.  Obstacle:  “My kids are cray cray!  She won’t be able to get any good shots.”

Overcome:  Let me worry about that.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  You will be surprised.  Little boys are notoriously difficult and I have had some challenges but we always come out on top!  And bonus, I have my own challenging little boy so I know how to relate to kids.  I love being a little, cheeky monkey with them as well.  Don’t be surprised if I ask the little ones to go and tackle you half way through the session.  Sooooo much fun!!

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