Fine Art Maternity Portrait – Brisbane

I have had this vision in my mind of an image which I have wanted to create for a while now.  Michelle was brave enough to jump into the pond for me so that we could create this picture.  It’s something a bit different and I love it.  A big public thanks to Michelle for being adventurous and trusting me to create something special for her!

Here is what I wanted this fine art maternity portrait to convey:

I wanted this to symbolise the in-between state between pregnancy and motherhood.  The time right towards the end of the pregnancy when you are going to become a new mum or a mum again.  Half in, half out, not quite there yet and just waiting.  A time of unknown and maybe even some fear, yet very peaceful.  The concentric rippling water enveloping the mother is a mirror for the protection of the surrounding womb around the baby inside.

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Pregnant woman floating in water for her professional fine art maternity photos