That time we went to Japan and I took some photos – Part 1


Monday we headed off to the GC on the train with the intention of staying overnight and catching the flight to Tokyo the next morning. All was going to plan until 7am the morning of the flight we got a text message from the airline saying the flight had been cancelled. Then proceeded a furious and stressful 3 hours of trying to get the whole family back onto flights and buses to get us all to the snow. We really didn’t want to miss any days skiing but unfortunately we ended up being behind schedule by 24 hours.

on board the train in brisbane at the start of our journey to japan

A big shout out to the Manager at the Gold Coast Airport Motel who accommodated us for an extra night when our flight was cancelled.  Thank-you!

at the gold coast airport motel before boarding our flight to tokyo

We got to Sapporo in one piece finally and I absolutely loved seeing the snow again. The plane landed on a runway surrounded by snow covered areas. It was awesome actually flying into an airport that has snow. Then the private transfer up to Niseko was absolutely gorgeous!  Snow covered mountains, beautiful hills and an exquisite large lake surrounded by white mountains.

flying to tokyo and arriving in Hollaido travelling to Niseko snowniseko village and a japanese restaurant

Hayden wasn’t too keen on the snow but we did manage to get him out and about a few times for snow ball fights.

throwing snowballs in niseko japan

Mid way through the week the boys had a “boys day” skiing. The men got to go out while the women folk minded the kids (we had our day the day before). I caught a glimpse of my two brothers, my husband and my dad just before they walked up the hill to catch the bus to the gondola. They had that look in their eye, the one that says “this shit is going to be cray cray”. Going hard or going home. And so they did… Hayden and I went our for a morning tea date. Wifi is the only way we had all been keeping in touch during our time away to save money on roaming charges. The wifi at the coffee shop Hayden and I were at just happened to not be working that day. I saw an ambulance drive by and had an uneasy feeling. We went about our morning and then headed back to the apartment to have a rest at about 11am. I was able to connect to wifi at this time and the message came through Facebook from my husband… “Rob’s had a stack and hurt himself. They have taken him to hospital as a precaution.”

Very long story short…. dad was fine.  He went to hospital and had scans and x-rays and was released that afternoon.  He ended up with a broken scapula (shoulder blade), some compressed vertebrae (which may or may not have been from that fall) and some damage done to his knee.  We were all very glad that it was nothing more serious!  This is the horrible pic of my dad lying on the snow waiting to be taken down the mountain by the ski patrol.  My brother accidentally caught this amazing pic while his go-pro was still filming.

go-pro pic injured skiier lying on snow with neck brace

 Onto happier times… throwing the girls into waist deep powder.

japow deep snow in japan nisekofamily in japan niseko hokkaidolandmarks in niseko japan

Snow for days and days and days and more days!  Japow!

japow powder snow in niseko japan

Ridiculously cool architecture in Niseko.

beautiful architecture in niseko japan

Just having fun in the snow.  Beer and gyoza, people!  Beer and gyoza.

family in japan niseko hokkaido