How NOT to hang photos on your wall – how I did it.

Step 1. Decide to start a hanging project whilst your toddler is trying to get your attention.

Step 2. Take all photos and pictures off the wall where you want the new ones to go and remove nails etc.

Step 3. Realise that the wall is actually filthy with grime and needs a clean.

Step 4. Instead of using sugar soap mixture you will choose instead to use a whole pack of baby wipes to clean said wall free of grime.

Step 5. Fill old holes with that putty stuff and repaint the whole wall so that it looks lovely – yeah right, the baby-wipe clean will have to do for now.

Step 6. Lay your photos out on the ground how you would like them to go and measure it all up, gaps and all.  Looking good, we can do this.

Step 7. Using the measurements that you have just taken, get up on a chair and accurately by eye measure out where the first picture is going to hang, quickly mark the spot on the wall where the nail needs to go.  Bang, bang, bang, shit I hit my finger, bang, bang, bang and the nail is in.

Step 8. Hang first picture so that you can see you are doing a good job.  Give self a pat on the back.  Remove picture.

Step 9. Using a level and those accurate measurements Checking by eye that everything lines up and using some loose measurements, figure out where the next nail goes and repeat process.

Step 10. Hang both pictures to check that they line up nicely – dang it of course they don’t.  Not to worry.  A slight adjustment needed; we will just bend that second hook down a bit and all is ok.

Step 11. Repeat with 3rd and final photo.

Step 12. Hang photos and step back to take a look at your handy work…  They don’t line up and it is really noticeable.  Ok, number 2 needs to go right 1cm and up half an inch.  Measure, measure, measure.  Bang. Bang. Bang.  Number 1 needs to go down 1cm. Bang, bang, bang.

Step 13. Three Bruised fingers, a screaming toddler, a few unnecessary nail holes and a packet of baby wipes later and you have your beautiful new wall gallery.

In our next lesson we will learn how to do this properly.

See the finished product below.

*Family photos by

*Product used here: Three 20*30inch foam core art mounts.

foam board art mount wall gallery