New Product – Crystalline Print Block

crystalline print block raw

If you follow other photographers you would have seen this product before, they are not new but they are new to Kate Veronica Photography.  To be honest I haven’t offered this product before now because I had seen photos of them and the photos never really conveyed how special they are.  However I wanted to find an option for my clients that were looking for something that doesn’t need hanging.  I decided to try a sample to see what they were like.  When I opened the package I was really blown away by how awesome the crystal-like tile looked and felt.  You have to see this thing in person to really appreciate it but trust me when I say that I was surprised by the awesomeness of it – in a great way!  It’s heavy.  Like, paper-weight heavy but smooth and sleek.  The printed image is spot on and crisp.  The crystal-like block finish gives this piece of art some amazing depth and interest.  It is a statement piece for sure.

tile high-104

The Crystalline Print Block is perfect for anyone who is renting or moving house so that you don’t have to hang anything.  They are smaller than having a complete gallery on your wall so they don’t take up much space but the do make a big impact!  They would also make a good option for those who may be undecided as to what type of wall gallery they might want or where they might hang any photos.  You can move these around to wherever you like, have it in your bedroom one week and in the lounge room the next week.


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