Wall Galleries and Sizing

This post is just a little bit of information to help you with deciding what sizes to enlarge your images, what images to use and how you might arrange them.

First image shows a comparison of different sizes:

Let us now have a look at how an 8×12inch image holds its own against a 20×30inch sitting alone on a wall.

The 8×12 inch alone on the wall is swamped by dead space…

A nice big 20×30inch makes a statement…

The next 5 images show just a few examples of how you might arrange your photos on your walls.  About a week after your session we will get together for your gallery viewing and ordering party.  If a wall gallery is something you were contemplating then we can have a play around with your fave images, I can then create a few different wall galleries of those images.  This can really help you to be able to conceptualise how they will sit on your wall at home.  We can keep re-arranging the photos and sizes until you are happy with a gallery custom made for your home.



These last two images show that it can be important which image you choose to put up in a large format.  The first image is a close crop of little Chloe’s face but when it is enlarged to this size and hung on the wall the image looks (in my opinion) larger than life and probably a bit too large as her head is the size of a small chair!  The second image is exactly the same sized image on the wall (20*30inch) however as the photo is not such a close crop I think it has a nicer feel to it.

So if you are trying to decide if you want this image or that image?  If you want a large one or lots of small ones?  If you should arrange them in a particular order to make it look more aesthetically pleasing? … … … I can help with that.  It’s all part of the service and I love doing it.  🙂