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Do you work out of a studio that I have to travel to?

No, all of my work is created in your home or at a specially chosen location decided upon by you, with my guidance and recommendations.  I travel to you and make everything as easy as possible on you.

What style of newborn photography do you offer?

My style of newborn photography has a more organic feeling to it, more of a lifestyle or candid session rather than a posed session.  I photograph baby with mum and dad (and other siblings), in their own cot, on mum and dad’s bed, outside in nature, or on the family lounge etc.  My focus is on your REAL connections as a family, the little details and imperfections that make you wonderful!

I love the feeling of lifestyle newborn photography and the personalised connection to the images.  See an example lifestyle newborn session here.

How long will my session take?

I don’t put a time limit, as such, on my sessions.  I will get all of the shots that we need and that you will love.  That is my job!  However as a guide, you can expect an on-location photo session to last 30mins to an hour depending on if there are children involved, and their ages and temperament.  Newborn sessions we take slowly and they are guided by the baby.  They sometimes take about 2 hours but it depends on how your baby is on the day.  There is always plenty of time for cuddling, feeding and soothing.

Can we have photos at home and on location?

Yes you can.  In these cases we will decide upon a location that is close to your home for the on-location shots.

When is the best age to photograph my baby (under 12 months)?

I can capture gorgeous images of your baby at any age but here are some recommendations:

1. Newborn: Ideally held within 3 weeks of birth to capture the tiny details.  Babies grow up so quickly (way too quickly) before our eyes.  The images created from my lifestyle newborn sessions are the type of images that speak to me as a photographer and as a mum.

2. Three month old babies are actually a really awesome age to photograph.  They have more control over their body and are able to follow you with their gaze.  They can have cheeky little smiles and laughs at this age.  By the time 3 months comes around you are very familiar with your little one, their likes and dislikes.  Don’t tell anyone but I think this is maybe the best age to photograph your new baby!

3. After six months: When baby is sitting up by themselves and not falling over.  This can be anywhere from about 6 months onward.  I recommend this age because they are so smiley and able to give some great expressions.  We can get some beautiful candid photos of baby sitting on their own and it gives you a bit more versatility with the type of images I can capture for you.  Check out my “Mummy and Me – White Sessions” for specially priced photo sessions of just mum and baby.

What should we wear?

Pregnancy sessions:  Text me with your choices of clothes if you are not sure.  Maxi-dresses are great but be sure to stay away from solid black as we want to see your belly and a more fitted maxi-dress may be better than a flowing one that doesn’t give you any shape.  A dress or shirt that covers the tops of arms is more flattering to most people.  You know your body type and what you feel and look great in!  Most of all I just want you to feel fab in what you are wearing.  A tight fitting top and flowing skirt is perfect for most body shapes.  Feel free to get creative though; a half unbuttoned men’s shirt works well also.  Hey, I’m happy if you want to do some creative nude shots.  It is all about the beauty of the bump and the lovely life growing inside.  See example pregnancy session here.

Family sessions:  It is essential that you dress to be yourselves but it is also great to try to co-ordinate colours between family members.  I read a great tip once: start with mum’s outfit and co-ordinate from there (thanks to whoever wrote that).  I recommend you steer away from all wearing the same coloured top (e.g. black or white with jeans).  Smart-casual is the best way to go.  You need to be able to move around freely in what you are wearing and be able to have some light play with your children.  My sessions involve movement and genuine interactions.  I love it when clients send me text message photos of what they are thinking of wearing.  I can give you advice from there.  If in doubt just keep it simple, steer away from big logos on the front of t-shirts and be yourselves.

What time of day do you schedule the sessions?

Most sessions I try to schedule in the late afternoon in that hour or so just before sunset.  This is when you are going to get that beautiful afternoon glowing light.  However, with young children this is often not feasible and we will work out a time and location that is good for your children.  I don’t mind getting up a bit earlier and doing morning sessions either.  Morning sessions can sometimes be a better time for young-‘uns.  If you are choosing to do an in-home session then the time is rather flexible.  I usually schedule in-home sessions around mid-morning.

I have no idea where to start with choosing the right photos to hang in my home, can you help?

Absolutely I can help!  If you are having trouble choosing wall art from your online gallery, I am most happy to come to your home and run through the options and sizes with you.  My clients really find this helpful when they are stuck with the choices available.  I will lend you my professional expertise in choosing the right products for you and your wall spaces.

Have another question?  Email me and I will answer it:  kate@kateveronicaphotography.com

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