Advice from real mums for real mums.

Everyone will tell you that this parenting gig is hard work. And they’re right, it really is. The challenges you face can often seem overwhelming so it’s amazing to have a support system that “gets” what you are going through. I’ve been lucky enough to find an amazing due date group of women from all around Australia (some also living o/s). We met each other online and have formed beautiful friendships along the way. I highly encourage you to find an online group to vent to and share your highs and lows. Facebook groups are the new village. So I’d like to share some real advice from real mums.

Here we have: 1. a tip for parenting and 2. one amazing thing that you have to look forward to as a parent.


“1. You’re basically not going to sleep well for the next three years so strap yourself in and just go with the flow. 5am is the new black. 
2. Teaching them about the world is the best thing ever. You get to blow their tiny little minds with the simplest of facts.


1. Research shows it’s the quality time spent with kids not the quantity that matters, that strung out parenting where there is a lack of self care has a detrimental affect, and that “good enough parenting” is all that’s needed. So lower those expectations mumma and give yourself more credit than you think you deserve!
2. It’s been said kids are like having your heart walk around outside your body – you get to feel the greatest highs, love and laughter in life imaginable. It’s worth all the sleep deprivation, tantrums, potty training and sickness xxx


1. You need a village and sometimes you just have to pay for your village. Find a fab daycare and have a cleaner on standby (if your budget allows). 
2. Every age is tough but incredible. You learn something new about both of you (mum and Bub) with every new milestone or “challenging” period


1. Some days will be harder than others just remember to Take each day as it comes! Don’t pressure your self into being that “perfect mum”, to your beautiful babies you are perfect in every way.
2. Enjoy the laughs and the play time and the snuggles. They grow so quickly and become independent before you realise.


1. Parenting is bloody hard. Find your ‘village’ that will help you through the tough times, any hour of the day or night. The ones that will not judge you for your bad parenting choices. The ones that will laugh and understand you & stand by you through all those funny, sad & tough parenting moments. 
2. You will be amazed by how quickly they grow. The nights may be long, but the weeks past ever so quickly. Capture every moment!


1. You will always feel mum guilt, and it’s normal. No matter if you stay home, you work, you breast feed or bottle feed. You’ll always feel you can do something better. But trust you are doing amazing!

2. Seeing all the amazing things your child learns and just thinking wow!


1. Look after yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup and if you don’t look after yourself you cannot expect to look after your baby. And always accept the help. Let someone hold bub while you have a nap or a shower!

2. One day they will look you in the eyes and say mama. In that moment every sleepless night will melt away in a big gooey puddle of love.


1. You can listen to everyone’s advice (everyone will tell you something!) but only use what works for you. If that’s different to everyone else it can still be the best option for you.
2. When your beautiful little creature does things for the first time it will melt your heart. Your first hug, kiss, when they say ‘love you mummy’ and even ‘I’m sorry mummy’ treasure every one 


Everyone will have an opinion – choose what you want to listen to and make your own opinion. 

Babies don’t need the world. Basic and easy. 
Forgot about all the fanciest outfits and choose jumpsuits. Always use a singlet. 

The house work will still be there whether you do it now or later. 

If you want to stay home and not have visitors who you have to entertain. Say no. It’s ok.

2. The love that the kids have for you and appreciation. My eldest messages me and asks for advice on some things. Which I feel honoured to give him advice. And if he doesn’t take my advice. So be it. The thought of me is enough.


1. Invest in disinfecting wipes for the inevitable toilet training…

2. Looking forward to: being able to properly travel with them, when they are old enough to fully enjoy the different cultures, foods and experiences that the world’s has to offer.


1. Follow and trust your instincts. You can read all the parenting literature in the world but only you know what’s best for your baby 
2. Children truly are little sponges, it’s amazing hearing them or seeing them use something you taught them last week, all on their own